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Solar smoothie

Solar smoothie

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The benefits of yellow fruits come from the color borrowed from the sun, being rich in carotenoids and bioflavonoids. These substances give them pigment and work as antioxidants. In addition, they are high in vitamin C.

All this contributes to:

good functioning of the heart
improving visual acuity
stimulating digestion
stimulating immunity
wound healing
maintaining the health of the skin, bones and teeth
cancer prevention

These being written and known, I invented a cool summer smoothie.

  • 1 nectarine
  • 1 slice of melon
  • a few pieces of watermelon
  • 50 ml organic soy milk
  • 1 lgt mix of 4 seeds
  • 1 slice of lemon
  • 1 lgt cinnamon.

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Moisten the mouth of the glass well with lemon and load it with cinnamon.

Cut the fruits into slices and blend for a maximum of 2 minutes at maximum speed. Pour the fruit into the glass and lightly add the soy milk.

Decorate with seeds and a mint leaf and serve immediately.

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soy milk adds calcium and vitamin D, and the seeds detoxify the body.

Lose weight following the natural biorhythm of your body

We all feel, throughout the day, how our biorhythm influences us, and our energy level shapes the rhythm in which we live. The simplest rhythm we live in is the sleep-wake cycle, which, for the most part, is closely related to the solar cycle (sunset-sunrise). It makes us feel asleep with the arrival of evening and full of energy at the beginning of the day, and the sleep-wake cycle is part of the circadian rhythm, which is governed by the internal or biological clock of the human body.

Definition : The circadian rhythm is a cycle of approximately 24 hours of biochemical, physiological or behavioral processes, existing in all living entities.
As we have seen, biorhythm is a purely scientific concept, even if there is a popular idea that it would have, in one way or another, mystical or supernatural significance. The & ldquobiorhythm & rdquo computers available for widespread use on the Internet have nothing to do with the actual biorhythm, correlated with the circadian rhythm.

Study : In 2008, researchers at the University of California discovered that there is a close connection between the proteins responsible for maintaining circadian rhythms and those responsible for the energy consumed by cells, resulting in the latter working better when followed by natural biorhythm. Therefore, observing the hours of rest and work can help you lose weight faster!
These being established, I propose you to discover how the human body works throughout the day, in order to try to lead a lifestyle as close as possible to our natural rhythm!

Between 4 o'clock in the morning -12: The elimination cycle
During this period, the body gets rid of toxins, including unnecessary leftovers from food metabolism, such as salts, proteins or acids. It is recommended to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, as they bring to the body the substances necessary for detoxification, especially fiber and, at the same time, maintain colon health.

Between 12-20: The energy cycle
During this time, the body processes nutrients from the food you eat and produces energy. As in the previous cycle, you need raw foods, fiber and protein to maintain a biochemical balance in your body.

Between 20-4 in the morning: The regeneration cycle
The best thing you can do during this period is to relax and sleep full, as the body recovers after a tiring and full of energy day. Quality sleep is essential in this time interval & ndash you can find out from this article what are the methods that help you sleep well!
In the third cycle of biorhythm, the body absorbs nutrients from the foods you eat throughout the day and uses these nutrients to regenerate each cell. If the sleep cycle is interrupted, the cells are not regenerated, and this leads to fatigue, in the short term, and in the long term, to premature aging and other degenerative diseases.



“These tiny nutritional gems will add amazing flavor to your smoothies,” says Katherine Brooking MS, RD. "And research suggests that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of wild blueberries may contribute to better brain health, gut health, heart health, cancer prevention, reduced risk of diabetes, and increased urinary tract health."

For a healthy, tart punch that makes any smoothie great, the addition of blueberries can do the trick. In addition to its wide range of health benefits, each berry has massive amounts of fiber that keeps you full for long periods of time, cutting the urge to overeat. If you need to slim down, these berries help anyone trim down their figure. Here's What Happens to Your Body When You Eat a Cup of Blueberries Every Day.

Sun protection sunscreen, combination / oily skin

Method of preparation:
Add the phase A ingredients to a heat-resistant beaker and mix. In another heat-resistant beaker, add the ingredients from phase B one at a time and mix well after each one. Pre-mix the essesol in the vial before dosing!
The two phases are placed in a water bath, heated to 70 ° C, meanwhile mixed, then removed from the heat.

Transfer phase A quickly over phase B and start mixing immediately, which should take 3 minutes. Avoid aeration of the composition as much as possible. Towards the end of the 3 minutes, the xanthan gum is sprinkled, without interrupting the mixing.
Place the glass over a bowl of cold water and continue stirring for another 3 minutes.

To the composition cooled to hand temperature, the rest of the phase C ingredients are added in turn, with thorough mixing after each. The cream thus prepared is transferred to the dedicated container. pH:

The result is a cream light, light-textured. It is finely scented and has a mattifying effect. It is pleasant to wear, does not load the skin. It is applied on the skin after cleansing and toning, distributing it as evenly as possible, it is easily absorbed into the skin. Contains mineral sunscreen, provides medium protection from the sun's rays.

Shade The cream is light for light skin. For darker shades, add the amount of pigments (for medium shade: yellow 0.9%, brown 0.3%). The shade can be closed at the end of the preparation, but it is necessary to disperse the pigments in a small amount of cream and then a thorough homogenization.

Smoothie King: Free Hydration Watermelon smoothie when you sign up by June 3

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How It Works:

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Smoothie King will also be offering free delivery on orders $ 10 + during the first two weeks of June via or through the Smoothie King Healthy Rewards app!

The Hydration Watermelon smoothie is a blend of ingredients like watermelon juice, coconut water, strawberries, and Smoothie King’s proprietary electrolyte blend.

Use sunscreen lotions to prevent sunburn

Sun protection is a fundamental tool throughout the year. Dermatological associations recommend its use whenever we are directly exposed to the sun and even more so if we are part of high-risk population groups.

Sunscreen reflects or absorbs radiation to prevent skin lesions. The unit of measurement used for these creams is the sun protection factor (SPF). Each SPF is linked to a percentage of UV radiation filtration.

In practice, sunscreen with SPF 30 is sufficient in most cases, as it blocks 96.7% of radiation. Using a higher SPF is useful on the face, for children or for people with very light skin.

It is important to know how to apply and maintain sunscreen. Avoiding sunburn depends on the uniform distribution of the cream on the body and creating a layer of at least 2 milligrams per square centimeter of skin.

How to make a solar food dehydrator

Dehydration of food is a process that involves removing liquids from their composition for preservation. Thus, the products last longer and should not be consumed immediately.

Do you often get your food spoiled? When we go to the supermarket, we focus on supplying the pantry, without thinking that we cannot always consume the products purchased before the expiration date.

One solution would be to dehydrate food. In this way, eliminate the water content and increase the shelf life of the product, without resorting to preservatives. That is why it is good to know how to make a solar food dehydrator.

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for natural products and trying to adopt a balanced diet. We all want to benefit from nutrients in food, from vitamins and minerals in fruits to proteins in vegetables and meat.

Thus, we must ask ourselves an important question: how beneficial is the consumption of dry food?

  • Although dehydrated foods are sweet, the sugars in their composition are not processed. In addition, they retain their original content of vitamins and minerals (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium).
  • At the same time, the dehydration process does not change the iron and fiber content in any way.

Dry foods provide a double dose of energy compared to their fresh equivalents. Thus, they are a suitable choice as a snack between meals.

Furthermore, Dried fruits and vegetables have properties that make them easy to digest and which contributes to weight loss.

Healthy Piña Colada

Would you like to enjoy a refreshing Piña Colada? If the answer is yes, then you should try to prepare it in this healthy version. You only need 2 basic ingredients for this pineapple healthy colada and light. It's delicious, does not contain sugar and it has delighted all who have tasted it hitherto.

Many of us crave cocktails during hot summers. But the classic recipe for piña colada is a combination of whipped cream, pineapple, alcohol, syrups with different flavors and a lot of sugar. In some cases, it does not contain any fruit. For this reason, it is high in carbohydrates, fats and calories. A single drink can contain hundreds of calories, representing the equivalent of a main dish. We want to enjoy this delicious smooth summer drink, so we will prepare this piña colada in a healthy and light version which will provide the body with a lot of vitamins, but it will also delight our taste buds.

To get an irresistible creamy drink, you need to use canned non-skimmed coconut milk instead of canned coconut milk. In that simple recipe, coconut milk is mixed with sweet and refreshing pineapple, pieces of ice, and according to your preferences, you can sprinkle on top of coconut flakes.

Discover this healthy and exotic drink with pineapple and coconut milk and enjoy the summer as it should be. Whether or not you add alcohol to this healthy pineapple colada, this is your decision depending on the occasion you consume it. You can even prepare from this drink healthy ice cream on a stick. All you have to do is pour the mixture into ice cream sticks on the stick and put them in the freezer overnight, they are delicious!

BB Cream 7 in 1

Method of preparation:
Preparation of phase A: mix the first 4 ingredients in a glass. The emulsifier is transferred to a bowl, and with the help of a minitel it is mixed for 10-20 seconds, to incorporate air. It will turn slightly white. Gradually add the mixture of the 4 ingredients, as in the preparation of a mayonnaise. The gel should become opaque and more viscous, in no case should it become liquefied. The procedure takes approx. 5 minutes.

Preparation of phase B: place the pigments in a bowl over which about half the amount of esseSol is added and mix thoroughly to disperse the pigments as well as possible. Use a teaspoon, with the back of which you press the composition on the wall of the bowl. After a homogeneous paste is obtained, add the remaining esseSol and mix well.

Preparation of phase C: in a glass mix well the floral water and niacinamide, then sprinkle xanthan gum and mix vigorously until the gum is completely dispersed. The composition is left to stand for a few minutes to form the gel.

Combine phase C with B: add the phase B composition over the gel beaker and mix well.

Emulsification: the solution resulting from the combination of phase C + B is added over phase A, gradually, with continuous mixing. Homogenize for 1-2 minutes.

Final phase: the resulting composition after emulsification is completed with the ingredients of phase D, which are added in turn, in the order given by the recipe with mixing after each. The resulting cream is transferred to the dedicated container. pH:

Result a complex cream with a rich content of active ingredients, generally suitable for any skin type. It has a light texture, is comfortable on the skin, gives a satin finish and has a pleasant fine scent.
Properties: anti-aging, nourishing, moisturizing, antioxidant, slightly sunscreen, elasticizing and tensing, illuminating and unifying.

Why are smoothies healthy?

According to Veg Kitchen, smoothies are healthier than natural fruit and vegetable juices because they have extra fiber. The juices do not contain fiber because the pulp has been removed.

More importantly, smoothies are a delicious way to eat your vegetables. Think of kale, for example. It is a very healthy vegetable, but does anyone eat it so empty, with nothing? Or do you think you'll find good-tasting kale juice at a supermarket?

Smoothies are also perfect because they are very versatile. If you want to lose weight, put matcha and kale. If you want to detoxify, choose a smoothie with turmeric.

I will tell you more about the benefits of ingredients in smoothies during this article. But now I would like to show you some of the benefits of smoothies so you can understand why we should consume them even more.

The benefits of smoothies

  • They are rich in vitamins and fiber. This makes them perfect for replacing meals and increasing energy intake.
  • Smoothies are very easy to make. Homemade ones are also cheap.
  • They are perfect for losing weight. They have very few calories, many vitamins and nutrients!
  • Kids love them. Try telling your children to eat their vegetables. Then try a colorful smoothie. I think we already know what the answers will be.

Now that we know why we need to include them in our daily diets, I want to show you how to make 4 of the best Smoothie recipes.

Video: 3 Delicious Vegan Smoothies. Easy and Healthy (July 2022).


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