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7 Essential Grilling Tools for Dad

7 Essential Grilling Tools for Dad

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Tips from the pros on the indispensable backyard gadgets

The right grilling tools can improve your grilling experience.

Father's Day is coming soon, and there's no better time than now to prepare for the big day. Forget about giving Dad another banal tie rack, or a new wallet, or even a nice bottle of cologne — get him what he really wants. No, not a new sports car, although if you can swing that, that probably wouldn't hurt. How about some grilling tools? Father's Day isn't exactly like Mother's Day — after all, it's OK to make the guest of honor do all the work.

Sure, there are the usual suspects — a spritzer of water to put out those flare-ups in a hurry, a grate cleaner because a dirty grill means stuck food, a man's apron just because, and of course, a fire extinguisher just in case things get really out of hand. But what about the toys?

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We gathered together some tips from Joel Gamoran, resident chef of Sur La Table’s Manhattan Cooking Program. Gamoran cooked in various West Coast kitchens in the early years of his career and went on to Florence, Italy, to study at the Culinary Institute of Florence. Later, he traveled back to the West Coast to study at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, Calif., where upon graduating, he worked in numerous seasonally driven California and Seattle-based restaurants. Gamoran found his true calling when he started teaching, however, and has never looked back. Here's what he had to say.

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7 Essential Tools For Backyard Grilling Success

Ma always used to say that a 'workman is only as good as his tools'. To a degree she was right. If a workman (or woman) does not have the right tools for the job then the job will probably not get done properly. The same goes for grilling. So here are the seven essential tools that every backyard griller should have.

Thermometer - get yourself a reliable thermometer. This will enable you to check the internal temperature of the cooking food. This will help you to avoid overcooking and undercooking. If you buy a cheap thermometer, you could end up with one that gives the wrong reading so choose carefully and wisely.

Spatula - there are plenty of these around but as with the thermometer, it is worthwhile getting a good non-stick spatula. Make sure also that it is large enough to get under a big fillet of fish, which will avoid any disasters of the fillet falling apart as you flip it. Having one with a bent handle is also good as it makes it less awkward to use.

Wire brush - this is a case where the price doesn't really matter. The brush is just for cleaning off the grill afterwards. The important thing is that you have one as dried on foods that are re-heated again and again will impart off-flavors to anything you grill.

Brushes - You should get a couple of these at least, ordinary pastry brushes will be fine and can really save time. Keep one for oiling grilling surfaces and maybe 2 or 3 others for basting. Replace them when the flavors of the basting mixture do not wash out fully. You can use a spoon for basting but brushing gives a more even and thorough coverage.

Skewers - There are plenty of these to choose from. Skewers with handles are more convenient but whatever type you buy, get them with a flat blade design. The simple sharpened wire design are a complete pain, when you try to turn the food, this type just rotate within the food, it then needs turning individually which is time consuming.

Mitts - heatproof mitts are a real boon, you can pick up hot stuff without worry. Getting a fireproof pair is always a good idea as there is always the possibility of the mitts coming into contact with a naked flame whilst grilling.

Tongs - if you buy only one specialist grilling tool, make it a pair of tongs. Many inexperienced grillers will just use a fork. Each time you flip your meat, a fork pokes holes in it and allows the juices to flow out. This makes the meat dry and reduces its flavor. You can use a spatula but that is more awkward and makes it a tad more difficult for a visual examination of the meat when checking if it is cooked. A good quality pair of tongs are best, cheap ones will distort, making food handling more difficult.

So, get the right tools for the job and you will get better results from your backyard grill.

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26 DIY Father's Day Gifts That Are Easy Enough for Toddlers and Kids to Make

All dads &mdash even the one who claims to be Mr. Tough Guy &mdash love a Father's Day gift that tugs at his heartstrings. Since it can be tough to find a store-bought option that has just the right amount of practicality, personalization and heart, try your hand at making one of these DIY Father's Day gifts this year. These homemade gift ideas vary in skill level, but most of them are easy enough for toddlers and kids to make (with mom's supervision, of course).

Many of these DIYs highlight everything your #1 guy loves most: manning the grill, cracking open a cold one with his buddies and going on adventures with his family. While we made sure to find ideas that he can actually use in his day-to-day life (say, a new spatula and apron for grilling), there's also so much room for you and your kids to get personal. Add heart to any of these handmade gifts by writing a heartfelt message, incorporating your family's best photos or attaching a homemade Father's Day card. Even if the final product doesn't look exactly like the photo shown here (ah, expectations vs. reality), there's no doubt that he'll cherish this present for years to come.

Give kids a range of fabric markers and paints to choose from, and then watch as they turn a plain white apron into something special for your family's grill master.

You'll also rely on your kid's help for this DIY: Ask them to draw a picture of their dad on a piece of craft foam, which you'll later wrap around a beer can like a koozie.

Print one of these punny messages on card stock and then attach them to his favorite after-work drink of choice (read: beer).

For a sweet (and edible) take on a fishing tackle box, fill a plastic organizer with a colorful array of Swedish Fish.

He takes so much pride in being the chosen one to man the grill, so it's only fitting that he has a custom burger, hot dog and veggie flipper. Let the kids paint a special message &mdash #1 Dad, Best Dad Ever, you name it &mdash on its wooden handle.

Make his movie snack (or anytime snack, really) fit for the holiday by affixing a custom label from dad's own "little monsters." And if you can't make it to the grocery store to buy trail mix, make your own with an assortment of nuts, dried fruit and chocolate.

The M&Ms will give him an instant sweet fix, but the heartfelt message written inside the card will last a lifetime.

Make a basic six-pack fit for the occasion by dressing each bottle with a paper flower. Since you know he really just wants a case of his favorite beer for Father's Day.

If it was a milestone year in your family (new baby! graduation!), this wooden frame will serve as a highlight reel for dad to enjoy for years to come.

As a nod to dad, turn chocolate bars into superheroes with colored construction paper and markers.

Here's a personalized way to show of his Father's Day gift: a brand-new BBQ set.

If they're willing to give up their LEGOs (a.k.a. their pride and joy), then get your kids involved by having them write down things they'd like to do with dad.

Remind him of his outdoorsman spirit with a leather drink sleeve. It's way better than a store-bought "World's Best Dad" mug, don't ya think?

For a masculine touch, make homemade candles in paint cans. He'll appreciate their mosquito-deterring capabilities even more the next time he camps or grills.

Treat his five o'clock shadow to a nourishing blend of grapeseed oil, olive oil and an essential oil of your choice (we vote sandalwood).

Restock the grill master's cookout arsenal with new tools, top-notch condiments and his very own apron.

Dad will finally use a coaster if it looks as cool as these rustic ones, personalized with his last initial.

After years of giving him a tie for Father's Day, surprise him with a crafty way to keep them organized.

If he's got a scratched record or two, give it new life by melting it into a bowl and filling it with small trinkets and tchotchkes.

Give his desk a small makeover with this leather mouse pad. Something to note: You'll need a rotary cutter for this project, so be careful, will ya?

Woodworking experience is helpful if you plan on making this coffee contraption, but hey, for the promise of caffeine on the other side, it's a good time to learn.

Let him know he's your bulwark in the storm with this print-and-trace project.

Set him up to grill in style with a custom apron that'll keep his trusty pair of khakis totally clean.

Start looking for a picture of your pops, so you can add a snazzy bow tie to create this gift-meets-card hybrid.

In muted, monochrome shades, these block letter printables double as a card, making his Father's Day gift even more special.

A tie may be a cliché Father's Day gift, but a tie that you made yourself? That's something that can't be beat.

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16 Best Grilling Accessories, According to Cooking Experts

Now that warmer weather is just in sight, you&rsquore probably itching to break out the outdoor grill for everyone&rsquos favorite pastime: backyard barbecues! But no matter how great your grill is, the right tools can make or break a meal.

If you're looking to upgrade your entire grill setup, look no further: The Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliance Lab experts are constantly testing grilling must-haves, from grills themselves (including charcoal grills, gas grills, pellet grills and smokers, indoor grills, and more) to the essential tools for grilling, like barbecue tongs and grill pans for easy cooking and grill brushes and grill cleaners to keep your BBQ clean.

Our pros test these products for factors including efficacy, ease of use, and durability to find the ones that are actually worth your money. Get ready to whip up the best grilled chicken and grilled veggies (and even more amazingly delicious grilling recipes) with these top tools tested by our kitchen experts and editors:

The 25 Best Barbecue Accessories You Need to Become a Grill Master This Summer

The grillmaster title is not given, it&rsquos earned. This grilling season might be a hell of a lot different than the ones before it. But you&rsquore not giving up, are you? No, it&rsquos time to double down on the grill. Take this time of social distancing to get practicing some new techniques&mdashand to make sure you&rsquore properly prepped for the massive celebratory BBQ parties to come, whenever the hell we escape this global pandemic.

There's no better way to kick off the Fourth of July weekend than firing up your trusty grill to cook all your favorite summer foods. But before you start setting off fireworks to celebrate your skills on the grill, you want to make sure you have all the best barbecue accessories to become the ultimate griller. From the essentials that every guy should have, to cool new gadgets to upgrade your outdoor cookout, and even the accessories that will take your flavors to the next level, there's something new for every guy to score. To help you save some time from perusing your local home appliance store, check out the 22 best grilling accessories that will help you work the grill like a pro to please everyone&rsquos tastebuds all weekend long.

Skip the old-school mitt and get serious. These aramid cooking gloves have a non-slip exterior and keep your appendages safe up to 900 degrees or so&mdashwhile still giving your digits the dexterity they need for grabbing and tong work.

It&rsquos actually six pieces of iron, which can be combined to use as a wok, a skillet, a griddle, a pizza oven, and a dutch oven. When you feel like grilling in the woods, this&rsquoll get the job done

Getting your meat done just right is the secret to good grilling. So quit it with the budget thermometer. Thermoworks makes this one with a foldaway probe and a 3,000-hour battery life. Most importantly, its reads are quick and accurate.

You need to get that fire hot, fast. This one from Weber has plenty of capacity for when you need to grill a feast, but want to skip the lighter fluid.

Through with rusted-out wire grill brushes? This wooden shovel-style cleaner does the trick. Just heat the grill and scrape away.

A textured grip, the right length, and a mix of tapered outer and liquid-holding inner bristles make this about perfect for basting meat, veggies, and anything else that needs a splash of extra juiciness.

A perfect set of tongs isn&rsquot just for grilling&mdashit&rsquos an extra set of hands in the kitchen. These heavyweight ones from Winco have a durable spring-loaded design made of sanitary stainless steel. They might be the best cooking tool seven bucks can buy.

When the family&rsquos craving salt, hit them with this. Preheat the salt plate on the grill, then cook your meat or veggies right atop it. Uncommon Goods makes the best one we&rsquove seen yet: it&rsquos dense enough to take low heat on the grill without cracking or falling apart.

Don&rsquot sleep on the stock pot. For use on a grill, you&rsquoll need this enamel-covered steel pot, made by the household name. The 8-quart size should be plenty for chili, sauces, and any other delicious liquids your grill centerpiece needs.

The grillmaster&rsquos apron is both a protective item and a trademark. Yes, your old one with a six-pack is funny. But when the grilling gets serious, you&rsquoll want Filson&rsquos, made with their sturdy tin cloth, five pockets, and an adjustable webbing neck strap.

When the food is delicate or just plain small (grilled asparagus, we&rsquore looking at you), you need a grill basket. This one is perfectly sized, with holes big enough to cook your food evenly and small enough to keep all those veggies safe and uncharred.

Baskets aren&rsquot just for veggies, mind you. This is our favorite tool for kebabs, fish, and other delicate meats: it&rsquos made of 430 stainless steel, has a foolproof lock, and a great handle for flipping.

Look, we get it: Not everybody wants to source individual grilling tools. If you just need the basics at an affordable price, this set by Cuisinart, which

Tired: using your camping headlamp to grill. Wired: installing this beauty, which has a zinc alloy C-clamp that attaches securely to your grill&rsquos handle. Its nylon and glass fiber design withstands heat, and its 105 lumens ought to be plenty to tell if the burgers are medium or medium-rare.

It&rsquos made for fish, technically. But if it needs turning, this spatula&rsquos got it covered thanks to an extra-long stainless steel design and grippy handle.

You&rsquoll claim it&rsquos for the meat really, it&rsquos for the beer. Rovr&rsquos wheeled Rollr has interior storage compartments, a fold-out cutting board, and transforms into a pop-up wagon for grilling off the grid.

The burger press gets every burger to the right density and size (consistency is key, after all). It&rsquos designed to work for regular burgers, smaller sliders, and, in particular, stuffed burgers. Which is what will really make your legend grow.

Admit it: you&rsquore jealous of Aaron Franklin, who smokes meat so beautifully that people line up for hours to eat it. Here he shares his smoking secrets, along with recipes. The perfect primer to get your smoking game from average to legendary.

This variety set includes fine shavings from oak, apple, cherry, pecan, maple, bourbon, hickory, and mesquite wood. They&rsquore not for a big smoker setup, but rather perfect for someone who wants to do some mad science with a cold-smoking gun.

Lodge is the king of affordable, dependable cast-iron, and this reversible griddle might be their pinnacle. It&rsquos just a slab of metal, designed to be set right on the grill (or right on the fire, as the grill itself) and used for anything that could use some searing.

&ldquoBut we have phones in our pockets,&rdquo you say. &ldquoWho would need such a thing?&rdquo Obsessives, that&rsquos who. Barometric pressure, wind, and air temperature all play a huge role in grilling (both mastering flavors and not getting smoke in your face). So you&rsquod best know what mother nature has in store.

Is there any more classic grilling eat than the burger? And is there anything worse than uneven burger meat? You spend too much money on your ground beef and too much time on your seasoning. So ensure BBQ uniformity when you cook. The Weston press compacts evenly and then pops back for the perfect patty. No more crumbly, unevenly cooked burgers. Bring on the next batch.

Adding flavor to some items but not all without using a plank is possible with these convenient papers. They come equipped with natural string too to make it easier to wrap any food in delicious cedar notes. No one will ever complain that anything you grill in these tastes bland.

For the picky eaters who don&rsquot want hot dogs and hamburgers at your cookout, this genius grill top will wow everyone with crispy pizza in only eight minutes. Just another reason to get grilling.

VII. Tips for Charcoal, Fire Starters, Gloves, and more…

An Electric Charcoal Lighter

C’mon man, it’s just easier! Who wants to waste time and money trying to light your Kamado Joe? Not me, that’s why I consider an electric charcoal lighter to be a must-have kamado grill accessory. You have LOTS of other things to worry about – getting the fire started with your lump should not be one of them!

Quality Lump Charcoal

Personally I use the KJ-Char. Now I know there are a lot of charcoal options out there when it comes to kamado grilling and there’s even a list of quality options on the Naked Whiz Database, but for my money, I believe in the Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal brand – specifically the Big Block XL version. Why? Because not only is the bag filled with really big lumps of charcoal, but even more importantly, the type of wood used is a combination of various hardwoods so you get a great flavor but not an overpowering flavor. (If you’ve ever used lump charcoal that is primarily made with hickory then you know what I mean). The KJ-Char is great for kamado grill cooking because you can use it for all types of food – from pizza, to chicken, to beefs, to pork, and fish. It works for all of it and it compliments it all well. Using KJ-Char as your base also gives you the flexibility to then add your own wood chips to add additional specific flavors (cherry, pecan, apple, etc) depending on what you’re cooking.

Here are some options to consider…

10 Drool Worthy BBQ Rub Recipes

To be the master of any barbeque, there is one thing that you must get right, which is the kind of rub you use. The rub is essential to elevate the flavor, giving you a juicy, delicious piece of meat that is just right. Even though a rub is just a few spices thrown in together, there is a certain art to it that one must master. You should know what goes well with a brisket and what’s best for chicken. But once you have mastered the art of BBQ rubs, you will be the king of barbeques, at least in your neighborhood!

Whether you are looking out for a sweet rib rub recipe to go with your meat for a sunny afternoon barbeque with your friends, or a spicy barbeque mix to spice up your evening with your special someone, we have got you covered. We have made a list of ten of the best BBQ rub recipes that are sure to get you the praise of all those who taste them.

Final Thoughts

Teppanyaki is a combination of traditional cooking styles and contemporary art performances to create an amazing culinary and visual feast.

The usual ingredients used for teppanyaki cuisines are assorted vegetables, chicken, scallops, lobster, shrimp, and beef.

The most common oil that is used to cook teppanyaki ingredients is soybean.

After preparing all the ingredients, selecting and preparing the appropriate teppanyaki tools is key.

There are a wide range of teppanyaki equipment and tools, which include those that are mentioned earlier.

Thus, it is very essential to list down all the cooking tools that you need before purchasing.

If you are on a tight budget, you probably need to prioritize the most needed tools. Other factors to consider when buying cooking tools are price and durability.

If you think you need to consult with culinary professionals, then do so. Having appropriate teppanyaki tools makes cooking faster and easier.

Are you planning to buy teppanyaki tools? Check out this site. They offer a wide range of teppanyaki griddle tools and accessories.

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