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Homemade broth

Homemade broth

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The tomatoes started to ripen, so I got to work, I haven't deviated from my mother's recipe since I made the broth, I do it the same way and it never broke .. I don't use sophisticated tools, the knife and the juicer (my mother's sieve ) is over 60 years old.

  • 1.5 bucket of 10 l tomatoes.
  • salt
  • a few larch branches
  • preservative Dr, Otker

Servings: 19

Preparation time: over 120 minutes


I washed the tomatoes and cut them, put them in the..10 l pot and left them to boil.

When they were well cooked, I put them through a strainer (mother's sieve). Then I put the obtained juice back in the pot, I added 2 tablespoons of salt and I left it to boil so that it evaporates from the water so that the broth juice remains. thicker, I added the larch branches to give it a little flavor.

When the cooking was over, I put the broth in the bottles washed and sterilized in time. Then I covered them with a blanket and left them until the next day. Then arranged in the pantry or sent to where they are destined, that is to my girls.

Good luck with that !

You can flavor each turn of broth with: peppers, larch, celery or natural leaves.

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You can boil in broth peppers, larch, celery


Or simply left natural.

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