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11 Fabulous (Gay) Wedding Cakes Slideshow

11 Fabulous (Gay) Wedding Cakes Slideshow

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Fête equality with one of these cakes from same-sex weddings!

Mini-Me Toppers

This couple celebrated cut into a cake bearing miniature versions of the grooms as fondant cake toppers.

Toppers with a Sense of Humor

Forgoing a traditional cake for a tower of cupcakes, the two brides also chose to replace traditional cake toppers with smooching rubber ducks.

Love Overflowing

This cake literally overflows with color while still being tasteful.

Secret Heart

Cutting into this cake reveals both brightly colored layers and a heart at its center!

Many Layers

Somehow both playful and elegant, this cake is bedecked with tiny fondant flowers that form a different colored heart on each layer.

Come Fly with Me

This cake makes a playful reference to the wedding proposal: one groom had proposed to the other on an airplane banner.

Love Is for the Birds

This couple chose a cake in simple, elegant white, but topped it with two playful wooden bluebirds.

Feature Flowers

This couple’s elaborate cake featured neutral hues and lots of fresh flowers.

Higher and Higher

Play with your color scheme and feed all of your guests with a tower of rainbow cupcakes.

Naked Cupcakes

Jump on the “naked cake” trend and serve many-layered, rainbow, heart-shaped cupcakes.


Cut into something exciting with a rainbow layer cake! Add a bit of external color with matching mini pennant flags.


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