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You’ll Never Guess the Item With the Biggest Price Drop at Whole Foods

You’ll Never Guess the Item With the Biggest Price Drop at Whole Foods

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Hint: It’s not the avocado

The chain is dropping prices left and right, but none of the deals beat this one.

All these Whole Foods price drops have been very exciting. Whole Foods — a chain thought of in some circles as “Whole Paycheck” — was recently acquired by Amazon, and the new ownership has resulted in some dramatic changes in pricing.

It’s no secret that Whole Foods’ products have been historically pricey. Their pricing hasn’t impacted the fact that they’re often still in impressively high demand. For some consumers, though, the brand’s specialty items have remained horribly out of reach.

Though most of the chain’s prices have not yet changed — Amazon executives promise there is “more to come” — the grocery store has begun by slashing prices on some of the most popular items.

Many of these items include produce and meat, but almond butter (as well as actual butter) also made the list. Salmon is now shockingly affordable at a mere $9.99 per pound — down from a much heftier $14.99. Bananas are thrillingly inexpensive now, with 30 cents shaved off of their unit price — only $0.69 per pound. And, as the internet has very joyfully noticed, avocados are now just $1.99 each, a whole dollar down from their former upcharge.

The best deal of them all, though? Just in time for fall: apples.

Organic Fuji Apples are a whopping 43 percent cheaper now that Amazon has intervened. You can get a whole pound for just $1.99 — a new reality veering close to incredible farmers market prices.

We recommend you buy a ton of them and start baking fall-appropriate desserts ASAP.

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