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2019 Brunch Calendar from Our Site and Wild Ink Press

2019 Brunch Calendar from Our Site and Wild Ink Press

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Great gift idea! Letterpress printed, illustrated 2019 Brunch Calendar from Our Site and Wild Ink Press

We all need more brunch in our life, right?

I’m so pleased to introduce to you our limited edition, letterpress printed 2019 Brunch Calendar! It’s a perfect special gift for a food lover, cook, or brunch eater in your life.

Every month features a different brunch recipe from Our Site, like Eggs Benedict, Berry French Toast, Spinach Frittata, and Gingerbread Waffles. Each recipe is illustrated by artist Rebekah Tennis, and letterpress printed at Rebekah’s Wild Ink Press studio in Chico, California.

If you’ve been a reader of us for a while, you might remember the pie calendar we did with Rebekah for 2017. It was gorgeous!

Like that calendar, this brunch calendar is a treasure. If you are not familiar with letterpress, it’s a craft dating back hundreds of years. Every page of the calendar is stamped by the printer on thick card stock paper, leaving an impression.

To add touches of color, the same paper is run through the letterpress machine multiple times, adding a new color with each pass.

The beauty of this calendar is tangible; you can feel the illustrations and text imprinted into the paper like an engraving as you run your fingertips over the pages.

Flip the illustrated calendar page over and the recipe instructions are letterpress printed on the back. Once the year is done you can cut away the calendar dates and you’ll have a beautiful collection of recipe cards.

In addition to classic brunch recipes by yours truly (Elise Bauer), the calendar includes recipes by Our Site contributors Lisa Lin, Sally P. Vargas, and Sheryl Julian.

This limited edition calendar is available for sale online at Wild Ink Press, for $32 plus shipping. Use the code SIMPLYRECIPES for a 10% discount at check-out!

If you are a fan of the art of letterpress, be sure to follow Rebekah’s journey on Instagram @WildInkPress!

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